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Athlete Aspire create opportunities for talented athletes to combine top level sports while studying at American universities. 


Athlete Aspire is led by an experienced team who have all been through this process and graduated as student-athletes. Since being founded in 2020, we have helped many students navigate through the process of becoming student-athletes by sharing our expertise. Our team consist of former college players and college coaches. Our team members have all had huge success in the States from different sides of the country, receiving several awards for athletic and academic performances, and one member also ended up being drafted to MLS - currently playing at the professional level in the States. With the broad network achieved throughout the past 8-10 years, Athlete Aspire is in a great position to help talented and ambitious athletes. 

Soccer Scholarship Agents in the USA


Skage Simonsen Lehland

Skage Simonsen Lehland

Claus Simonsen Lehland

Claus Simonsen Lehland

Voijn Manojlovic

Voijn Manojlovic

Sam Lofts


College soccer scholarships agents in the USA


Krohnstad, Erik

Erik Krohnstad Athlete Student Feedback

Every promise was kept and my wishes were fulfilled. I am incredibly grateful for Athlete Aspire's invaluable help. They helped me find a school and soccer program that was the perfect fit for me.

Eftevaag, Johannes

Johannes Eftevaag Athlete Student Feedback

I decided to reach out to Athlete Aspire in October 2022 about wanting to pursue my academic career while hopefully taking my athletic career to the next level. Already by December Athlete Aspire had guided me through the whole process and negotiated a top scholarship at a great divison 1 program in the US. 

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